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Monday, June 21, 2010

woo hoo ~ guess what ? i'm fucked up so are u ! (: life turns bored when you're sixteen. .

ILY ! (:

2:48 PM

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

lalalaa~ sianss. . thinking bout the past, really do appreciate it. . Cherish everything u have now before it's gone ~ <3

How i wish i would be staying in the past.

9:36 PM

Monday, May 10, 2010

BOO~ =D hahas so long nv post, been at joyce house for past few weekends wif bro lee LOL. bored. am i still missing you ? or there's still u in my heart ? i dunno. . thanks to nicholas talk talk bout all dis .

Shawty's like an eenie meenie minie moe loverr.

1:01 PM

Friday, April 16, 2010

HELLO ! =D hmm, what i did today, went home wif joycelyn and wait 4 her to bathe and do her things den come my house use my lappy transfer some pics. and off back to her place and go kopitiam eat. the roasted chicken rice ain't nice x.x and slack at her house play shopping street LMAO she's so noob =x opps hope she did not see ~ =D den slept awhile at her hse while she talking on the phone wif her friend. sad case for her , haiyo.. den later meet her mum tgt go eat. griller, LOL ty J's mum for the treat, (: than off we go while walking to the bus stop, SHK, 2 puff and off it goes into the grass, WTF sian 1/2 lor.. den wait wif them for their bus and off i go, homed bathe and on comp, play BS wif Mr Ho , Koh , Lim really fun playing hahas ! now RC cannot play keep tio dc pissing me off.. ROAR. talking to Joey on msn nows. xD soon sleeping le i guess everyday always late sleep is making me difficult in school. . always superman go school in the morning , abit pek cek. ! ok time to end my postt~ tmr gona meet joycelyn to school tgt. little rascal !

i was like, Baby Baby Baby OOOHhhh~ ((:

12:33 AM

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

woo hoo.. lets see today, not quite a bad day though. sch was alright, went to cut hair aft tht . home eat and sister ng felt so unhappy. den tell me why aft she wake up at msn. lol ! now dunno wan do wad the cb ray city keep game hack detected nnb zz

11:25 PM

Sunday, April 4, 2010

yo.. been toning for the past 3 days.. since thurs till sunday.. having fun wif bro lee and joycelyn LOL ! today shud b early meet them den end up i sleep. die.. sighh planing for tmr . studyy yea~

I gotta feeling, tonight's gona be a good night~
It's been one month four days.

6:14 PM

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

woo hoo~ sch is fun, enjoyed.. aft tht met dylan lee bui bui JNSQ Goh jun yang and went taman arcade slack while they play Mt3.. den makan mac and fly to Bukit merah there slack until 10 plus den home ~ =D

Love My Life Now.

1:29 AM